Jaclyn Braund

From Paramedic to Kinesiologist and Published Author

Getting to know Jaclyn

Where are you from?
Born and bred in Queensland, I spent much of my early years out and about in nature. It’s my happy place! I loved exploring, adventuring, and spending time with my friends and family. I still do.

What was your dream job as a child?
As far back as I can remember, I have always felt motivated to help others. I always wanted to work on the checkout at Woollies so I could make people smile and pack their groceries. But as I grew, so too did my perspective on life and I soon realised that I could help those in serious trouble, so I trained to become a paramedic. For the decade that followed my graduation, that’s exactly what I did. You name it, I have seen it.

What was it like being a paramedic?
From gut-wrenching tragedies to miraculous recoveries, there isn’t much that scares me and nothing that anyone could say that I haven’t heard before. Being part of a team who was there to pick up the pieces and change lives, also changed mine. Witnessing the extreme stress and emotional energy that encompasses the entire human experience was incredible. It was hard work, but very rewarding.
After a while, I noticed a pattern forming – one characterised by stress. That was the common factor with most people who I assisted as a paramedic. Whether it was a result of despair through lack of life purpose, physical and chemical stresses on the body or relationships, the stress theme was consistent.

How did you get into Kinesiology?
I wanted to explore what I could do to relieve stress in society and transform the chaos into calm and clarity, so I began exploring other modalities. I had been sceptical of anything which wasn’t based on modern ‘Western’ medicine, until I discovered firsthand that we all have the power to heal ourselves and become free from the constraints of life which have been holding us back.
Kinesiology fits so well with other modalities as it directly focusses on balancing someone’s life. By integrating Kinesiology with Neurolinguistics (understanding the language of the sub-conscious mind), reiki (energy healing) and hypnosis, I can navigate the entire consciousness and help remove the blockages from my clients’ lives which govern everyday choices.

Awareness and cultivation of inner peace can completely turn a person's life around to bring an abundance of joy, happiness, and gratitude that is hard to imagine at the start of the journey.

And you’ve written a book?
In 2018, I wrote my first book, 'Blank Canvas - Know Your Soul to Discover Your Sole Purpose' which was a product of observing the benefits of understanding and managing emotions, the imagination, and meditation. I have since embarked on a second book.

I am also composing music inspired by the people I help and the work I do, I love creating! As well as writing and my music, I am a keen artist and am currently designing a set of cards using pencils. It’s an exciting time!

Where does the name ZenQuies come from?
ZenQuies is a combination of the word ‘Zen’ and ‘Quies’.
‘Zen’ is a state of being in the present moment.  A Zen experience comes when we make space in our minds and only focus on one thing, the present moment. ‘Quies’ means rest, retirement and being at peace in the present moment. So, the two words combine perfectly to reflect what I do, which is why I choose that name.

Where do you gain the most job satisfaction?
It is hard to articulate the joy I get from helping people succeed and achieve their goals by letting go of the things that are holding them back. The best way I can express it, is through the word ‘Mudita’ which means the attitude of ‘vicarious joy, or the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being’ and accomplishments.

What makes ZenQuies different?
As a former paramedic, I have the medical training and experience required to understand and deal with traumatic situations as well as an appreciation of how modern medicine approaches can improve our lives.
That in combination with my capacity to hold space, means that I can hear more than just the words people I say. I also hear the language of the subconscious speaking and can translate this for the client.
I work with my clients to activate the subtle differences that deliver the world of difference.

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