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Wellness ceremonies, rituals and events are a wonderful way for you to take time out from your daily routine and focus on your body and soul. It wasn’t that long ago when feeling ‘well’ referred only to the physical body whereas these days, wellness has evolved to encompass physical, mental and social health. Finding a balance in our lives includes paying attention to the aesthetic, emotional and mental aspects of our being.

As the pace of life continues to gain momentum for many of us, it is now more important than ever, to pay attention to reducing the stress which can build up within the body and soul. Stepping away from technology and ensuring you regularly ‘digitally detox’, is just one example of how you can be kind to yourself and nurture your wellbeing.

In addition to exploring what you can do personally to improve your health and quality of life, I offer a range of workshops and ceremonies.

Wellness Ceremonies – Groups

A wellness ceremony such as a Cacao Ceremony, is typically, a communal gathering which includes sharing Ceremonial Grade Cacao that has been blessed. Ceremonies can also include herbal tea, kinesiology, meditation, card reading, gratitude journaling, breathwork and mindset work. They don’t have to be booked as a group and can be made up of individuals who have yet to meet but are coming together for a common purpose.

The ceremonies are all different, but usually seek to set intentions, gain clarity, and enable you to connect with others in a safe, present and energised manner. Wellness ceremonies are a healing experience for your mind, body and spirit. To find out more about Cacao Ceremonies, get in touch with me today.

Wellness Ceremonies - Individuals

Although wellness ceremonies are typically communal in nature, some of the people I work with require one on one ceremonies. This could be because of their specific intentions, or for personal reasons such as anxiety which prevents them from being comfortable in a group environment. For many, they need a high level of personal sacredness.

Whatever your circumstances, taking care of your wellness will allow you to be in a direct relationship with your spiritual energies and allow you to make positive life changes.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is the use of vibration to relax the body and mind.  This can either be through voice, instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, and rain sticks, to name just a few.

By immersing yourself in sound, you can benefit from lower stress levels, improved sleep, a reduction in anxiety and depression and many other positive experiences.

Sessions involve getting comfortable in either a sitting or lying position whilst listening to music and sounds. You can either remain quiet and still, or depending on the session, participate through your own voice. Some sounds may work better for one person than another, but by exploring the benefits and taking time out for yourself, you, like many other people, will feel relaxed, brighter and less stressed.


There are many different types of meditation including mindfulness, guided, movement based, transcendental, mantra and spiritual meditations.

I help people discover an inner freedom through stillness which releases tension and stress from your body and mind. During sessions, I focus my energies on healing, release, nurturing and manifesting so you can take positive steps forward in life which are made with intention.

Whether you are a complete beginner or well-versed in meditation, you can experience self-empowerment and discover the tools you need to achieve and maintain a calm perspective and an insight into the practical methods required to change thought processes and negative emotions.

Subtle Energy Education

Subtle energy work explores the auric field that is our relationship to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. By properly caring for your subtle energy field, you can ground, strengthen, and clear your system to allow you to channel healing energies effectively.

We can all recall times when we’ve experienced a dip in energy or conversely, a surge or rush, which you haven’t known what to do with. By learning how to harness that energy and understanding how it moves through the body, you will discover many practical benefits which will improve your life, your relationships with others and how it can be used to your advantage.

So instead of reaching for caffeine or sugar as a ‘pick me up’, you can reach for your internal subtle energy resources to achieve a healthier and ultimately, productive result.

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